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Other work on Medium covers a range of topics, including several essay series.

Making Sense

A series of essays that try to make sense of the chaotic politics of 2016-2017, taking in Brexit, Trump, the importance of Satire, and cyber war. 

Social Networks

This collection explores how Social Network Theory explains the networks we live in, and can shed light on why our societies are polarised, and why echo chambers develop.

Sleepwalking into War

This series of 4 essays explores the history of Russian cyber war since the first major attack, on Estonia in 2007, through Georgia, Ukraine, Brexit, and the American election. The article suggests that we're 10 years into a war we can neither hear nor see in which this series of events should be seen as one prolonged campaign of attack. 

The Truth about Fake News

An analysis of the fake news being generated in Kosovo as click bate for the American Right.



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